What do organizations do with it?

You do You

Our background is in building web-based applications for non-profit organizations. We consistently saw orgs struggling with Coherrence to Mission. Use Rebel Science to increase the impact and reach of what you already do. You’re awesome.

Finger on the pulse

It’s hard to know what is happening out there. Use Rebel Science to get a real-time picture by seeing the live data displayed as it is aggregated.

React Fast

You may have noticed, that there is a lot going on the world today. Use Rebel Science to quickly spin up surveys to inform where to direct resources.

Think Ahead

Doubtful, but there could even be more craziness ahead.. Be proactive and position your org to be ready when the next situation arises where you can be effective. Build out your Rebel Science ahead of critical situations.

Build a Team

If your projects are interesting, you are generous with your results and you truly act on the outcomes – participants will be lined for future projects. Hold up your end of the deal and you can build a national network of data scientist to work on a continuous cycle of projects. Wow!

Increase Engagement for a Planned Initiative

Have a big initiative already planned? Use Rebel Science to increase engagement for it. For example, In 6 months, you’re going to build a public garden – survey the proximity to healthy foods in that neighborhood.

Quantify different experiences for different people

You also may have read somewhere that people can have different experiences based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexuality, age, etc. Use Rebel Science to quantify and bring more of those differences to light – again and again and again until we we make progress.

Figure out the real question

Run a series of projects, each informing the next, to get to the real question.

See if it is even worth funding

Studies and research are very expen$ive. Use Rebel Science to test the water and see if your idea is worth the a diving deeper.

A/B Test

Implement different approaches in different areas and use Rebel Science to track the outcomes.