We’d like to thank everyone for the collaboration opportunities and priceless input. Community-driven design!

You are all deeply inspiring and we thank you for your work.

Guidance / Feedback / Community

  • Ethical Data Practices: Lisa Rasmussen / Elizabeth Jones
  • Law and Policy: Lea Shanley, Shaun Goho
  • Citizen Science Association: Jennifer Shirk / Reanna Putnam
  • Open Environmental Data: Angela Eaton
  • Janesse Brewer: 23-four


  • United States Breastfeeding Committee: Amelia Psmythe / Nikia Sankofa / Sarah Waltz / Kimberly Broomfield-Massey / Shameeka Smalling
  • Dream Project: Catherine Delaura / Karla De Marchena
  • Climate Solutions: Savitha Pathi