Project Roll-out with the Built-in Sharing Templates

To build momentum quickly and keep you rolling, we’ve included lots of sharing templates and automated celebration emails. Here’s the lift you’ll need to consider to maximize the participation in your project.

Emailing Participants

All emails come from you.

Gmail will let you send 500 emails per day, paid accounts can go up to 2,000. If you need more than that you’ll want to leverage a mass email tool.

We don’t send the emails on behalf of you for two reasons:

  • The familiarity of coming directly from you greatly increases the likelihood of participation.
  • You will be inviting other organizations to create their own versions of the data project. It’s unlikely they’ll be comfortable entering their treasured email list into an unfamiliar tool.

We provide editable templates in Rebel Science that have include the project title, description and encouraging text along with gallery images from your project. You can use the templates as they are or edit/save them. They easily copy and paste into your preferred email tool.

Survey Invitation – This is your appeal for people to complete the survey. Plan on revising and resending multiple times to drive people to start it. After the first mail, include progress and result updates. Make sure to include project end dates.

Results Invitation – This includes the link to your data project’s results site where visitors see information about your project and the results to date.

Collaboration Invitation – These are the invitations for your partner network to create their own versions of the data project. More participating orgs, can compound the amount of data collected.

You can download the participation reports to see which organizations have created their own version of the project and how far along they are in the process. Send them encouragement and let them know what you are learning in as you launch your version of the project.