United States Breastfeeding Committee

Boundless thanks to USBC for sharing our vision. You will always be our first love!

USBC is the national health organization responsible for keeping Congress and the Surgeon General up to speed on all things new mom and baby.

USBC absolutely does thorough, ongoing research. However, it takes up to two years to process and analyze. USBC also needs to know how moms and babies are doing right now.

USBC uses Rebel Science to survey new mother’s on their access to lactation support. These results are analyzed across Race/Ethnicity and Postal Code.

Breastfeeding and Lactation Support have their own national network and constellation of state and local organizations. They were ideally structured to extend the project across the national affiliates.

But then it got even better! USBC gave us a glimpse into the interconnectedness of the various national health networks. They’ll be targeting roll-out across various other networks like NHO and WIC.