Transparency, PII & Ownership

This merits an article. It’s a hot topic and we encourage you to dig into all the great citizen science theory about this.

Science can be weird. Although it isn’t supposed to, it has its own priorities. Citizen Science is no different and requires special considerations since the public is collecting the data and in some cases are the subject.

For our part:

  • We prohibit questions that collect any PII
  • Survey participants are aware of the organization that invites them to participate and the principal organization (the org that created the project, has access to all the data)
  • No information is mined from your browser, device or other apps
  • No data is sold

If you are a data governance hot shot. We’d love to get your input.

Thanks to the Law and Policy Working Group and the Ethics Working Group at the Citizen Science Associations for their guidance.

If you have any other questions, concerns or feedback. Please email us

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