Updating your Content

You want to update your content, but are you having trouble getting it right? Are there errors that keep popping up on the screen when you upload the images of your company?


Maybe you’ve asked yourself questions like:

“Why is this error occurring?” or “How can I get rid of these errors?”…

…Maybe, you have even typed the “old reliable”, your most trustworthy tool that you have under your belt… We are talking about the one thing that always seems to make things work in a time of crisis:

“How to fix _________ on __________?” Google search…

Works every time right?

Now if you’re like us in any way, one of those may have led you here. So let’s get straight to the point of your ‘why’, and into your detailed “how to” solution.

“Why is this happening?”

Simply put, “it’s the image!”

There are some things in an image that we don’t notice, for example, the HEX code of every color. Now although the HEX of the image is not what is throwing these errors at you, it could be the format or the size of the image you are attempting to upload.

We said we would keep it simple! So, in retrospect it’s as easy as: having the right file format as well as the right image size. Easy.

Now what happens when one, – or both! – of these things could be the problem that throws at you these errors? What can you do?

Below we’ve detailed some steps that can lead you to success, as well as provide a skill for you that you may use in the future.

Now, starting with the Image Format…

Incompatible Image Formats

We know. But maybe you don’t;

So here is this…

Images can be saved in a variety of formats. Some of you may be familiar with the format “Joint Photographic Experts Group”. Thats awesome! Now if you’re wondering what that is, maybe you’ve heard it being called by its abbreviation, “JPEG”.

Still not following? Then check out this link for more information on image formats.

JPEG is one of the formats that are supported when uploading images in the ‘contents tab’. We also support, PNG and GIF file formats. Are you following? If not click on the link above to follow along.

We are working towards getting more friendly with what is uploaded, but for now, please bear in mind that if it isn’t one of the three file formats supported by the system, the error you are trying to get rid of will not go away.


The best way to tell what file format your image is saved under as, is to use your “old reliable” and do a quick search on how to verify image format. Checking the format will vary depending on what system you are using (Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android), so be specific when doing your search.

For example, if you are a Windows user, type “how to check image file format on Windows”. Now I’ll tell you how to do this on Windows for examples purposes.

On your Windows PC:

  1. Find and locate the image you are trying to upload.
  2. Right click on the image
  3. Select properties

A pop up will appear; it’ll look something like this:

And there it is: TYPE OF FILE: PNG File (.png)

Image Resizing

Images that are not “big enough” will appear pixelated. This is common when you take a “little” image (with less pixels) and enlarge it as shown below.

Making your image the right size is not rocket science.

You can use software or online tools to make your image right. PicPick is a great graphics designer tool that can do this and more.

If you’re not comfortable with downloading software onto your computer, there are free online tools that will everything you need.

Adobe has done just this. With their free to use online tool, resizing and cropping is not a problem.

So here is a quick “how to” on how to make it possible for your upload.

Adobe Express

  1. Open the link above that will redirect you to Adobe Expresses’ resizing tool.
  2. Drag and drop the image that you want to resize or browse for on your computer.
  3. Under “Change size”, select ‘personalize’ in the drop down.

In the Content section of our website, we have stated the sizes that will work best with your image.

For Logos:

For Background Image:

Back on Adobe Express, you’ll notice this icon on the tool, which allows you to turn on/off the auto scale. What auto scale does is it sets image size to proportion. If you want custom proportions, turn it OFF and input the dimensions that you wish.

Auto Scale is ON
Auto Scale is OFF

Lastly, click on Download Image, and save it in a safe place.


We have covered Image Format and resizing. With this information you will be able to upload your images with ease and no more errors should pop up.